I wanted to set aside this place to let you know about my current writing projects.

Project #1:  Galena’s Heartland

Children’s Literature/ Allegory, 92,000 words, complete, working on publication

Heartland Journey is an allegorical tale about the journey of sanctification.  Galena is a girl who invites Christ, called Keeoghan, into her heart and then He invites her to journey with Him in her Heartland, a place where her behavior, fears and attitudes shape the landscape. Keeoghan transforms the land as they travel together and Galena is pursued by the Hunter and battles against him, as well as herself.


Project #2:  Barren Women of the Bible Study (no official title yet), 9 chapters

Rough draft complete, hoorah! Will start editing soon.


Project #3:  Elohim’s Eternate

A YA, 3 part series. Part 1 in first edit. Writing part 2. Dreaming of part 3.


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