Hello, I’m journey girl, also known as Laura Smedley. Simply said, I am a girl on a journey with Christ in pursuit of God’s best for me. What is this so-called journey? The journey of sanctification. I know, big word.

In a nutshell, sanctification is becoming Christ like, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work inside to make that happen. It’s a life long journey fraught with danger and sorrow at times but infused with joy and hope all the same…not that I’m always joyful and hopeful, this is after all a broken world.

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband (no, he’s not always wonderful, the same as me) for over 18 years. I live in the Pacific Northwest and love taking daily walks in the woods. I love to kayak, although I’m the first to admit I am a fair weather kayaker only, and this last year I started SUPin’ (Stand up Paddleboarding).

I grew up on a small farm in the midwest where I cultivated a love of nature and gardening–although the gardening love didn’t happen until I became an adult. I have two heart conditions despite my age. I call it getting the old lady stuff out of the way early.

I have a degree in English Literature which is one of the most useful degrees ever for financial success in life, not. Because I have a degree in English Literature, non-education, I have held a total of 38 different jobs in my illustrious career search. That sounds painful, I know, and a bit questionable, but a lot of them were temporary and or seasonal, and each one taught me a valuable lesson, at least one lesson.

Finally, I am a writer and lover of story. This webpage will hopefully show that.

Welcome and nice to meet you.