My Blog is Starting Over. Again.


In 2008 I wrote my very first novel. In 2008 I self-edited. In 2009 a friend edited (thank you once again, friend). In 2010 I self-edited. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 the same. In 2014 I hired a writing coach on the recommendation of a publisher. In 2014/2015 I started said novel over.

In 2015 I lost interest, but still recognized that the novel content was very important. In 2015 I stopped writing altogether. In 2016 I wanted to burn it. In 2016 I decided to re-write it a different way. In 2016 the thought of finishing it again, only to have it rejected, discouraged me.

I asked God to show me what He would have me do with it because the story is still compelling. Last week He gave me an answer.

My blog is starting over. Again.

This time, I am writing and posting my novel here. It is about the journey of sanctification, AKA, how God changes us inside as we allow Him freedom to. This time around it will be called:


A Fictional Account of the Journey of Sanctification

Maybe you won’t like it. At all. That’s okay. There’s plenty I come across that I don’t like either. Maybe the urge to edit my work will be strong in you. That’s okay too. Simply print it out and mark it up. Maybe it’ll be something you read every now and then. That’s okay. I’m not looking to gain a following of like-minded individuals so we can form a cult together. Maybe you’ll love it. That’s okay. I’m still not wanting to form a cult.

And finally, maybe, just maybe, you’ll identify or at least recognize universal human challenges and be inclined to think about your own journey in a brand new light.

No matter which category you fall under, I’m going to do this. I’ve given this topic a lot of imaginative thought over the years and I’m still getting new ideas. So I’m placing them here in fiction form. And the nameless, main character, if you feel the need to give her a name, is me. Or maybe it’s you. Either way, I am still a girl on a journey with Christ.

6 thoughts on “My Blog is Starting Over. Again.

  1. Great…….would love to have you email your stories to the Writers group every other tuesday. Next one is in two weeks. I will send the words tomorrow.

  2. Go! Go! Laura!
    As a fellow blog starter-over-er(?), I know response is encouraging, so here is mine atcha! I am eager to see your work; you have been laboring long and hard to bring this baby forth! Grace to you as you do!
    Fellow Dweller,

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