Mordor Living

Yes. This is an entry about Lord of the Rings of which I recently watched the extended version. For those of you ignorant of the series, please feel free to go off and read the books and or go watch the extended version. Then come back here in a month, or however long it takes.

I was thinking this morning about living according to Mordor. Mordor is darkness, enemy habitat, offensive and hateful living. A person living a Mordor life prefers to take over all territory around them and darken it with their presence. They will constantly try and recruit anyone to their side/opinions/mindset. They are willing to sacrifice any and all for more power. They constantly have their eye tuned to others in order to control or manipulate others under or against them.

The problem is that I am a Mordorian at times. How often do I dwell in enemy territory, taking in his lies and stewing in darkness? How many times have I sought to make everyone miserable around me? (Of course it’s subconscious.) As for darkening the world around me, on my worst days, I don’t even want to be around myself. I’m great at persuasion when it comes to me looking good over others.

The alternatives are many. A Shire existence is preferred, some might even consider it heavenly. A simple outlook on life with plenty of cheer and consumption. Still, there are hobbits who annoy.

Rohanians keep an eye on the enemy and attack, yet they are reliant on horses for strength and the Bible says in Isaiah 31:1 “…woe to those who rely on horses..”.

People of Gondor have to climb too many stinking stairs and they white wash everything. Rivendale, well, um, we can’t really be elves. Sorry. I see them more as angelic than human.

I’m sure there exists some massive volume of symbolism for J.R.R. Tolkien’s world. I’m just skimming the surface and trying to figure out where I should exist.

Hmm. Maybe where I am now, but maybe looking up first instead of out first. Of course every morning I eat two breakfasts, so perhaps I’m part hobbit after all.

The point is that I need to stop living like a Mordorian on any given day. By the grace of Christ I can.

What about you? Where do you dwell?