Subtle Attack


The battle was today. Lena had prepared for it as best as she could, relying somewhat on instinct, intelligence gathered from allies and definitely from prior experience with the enemy. The enemy’s camp encircled hers, battle inevitable.

She was not afraid. She had prepared. She knew the war had already been won. She shifted her shield in front of her heart and raised her sword, waiting. The forest was still around her, full of rustling, russet beauty. The peace of the place brought praise from her lips. She belonged to Him. This skirmish was merely to test the strength of her armor. And He made her armor strong.

The enemy never stood a chance against Lena, armed to the max. Yet in a strange twist of fate, the enemy never engaged her at all. Before her very eyes, the enemy’s camp was slowly dissolving, disappearing. Lena sang for joy at their retreat.

She went on her way later, journeying across the open field on the way to her cabin. The joy of not entering battle that morning swelled her heart. She went about her day, working, completing menial tasks that must be done around home.

Slowly, things began to go south. Simple tasks of habit took on greater obstacles. A project she had been putting off for a week suddenly became impossible to complete due to forces out of her own control and knowledge. Frustration built, attitude embittered and before she knew it, Lena was lying on the floor feeling defeated, depressed and discouraged.

She fell asleep there, a mere fragment of the warrior from earlier.

When she awoke, all the signs were visible. The enemy had attacked her, not on the battle field, as she had supposed, but in the subtle aftermath of her everyday life.

2 thoughts on “Subtle Attack

  1. It’s the little things we say ‘yes’ to that strengthen us…the things we ignore that can often bring us defeat.
    I’m not sure if that’s what you meant…but that’s what I read into it.
    (I loved the sound of the line, “rustling, russet beauty.”

  2. Powerful imagery for a familiar experience, Laura. How often have I left church or my quiet-time space, fully armed with encouragement, strength, and joy–only to be cut down in the crucible of everyday challenges? The key: Practicing the presence of God moment by moment, inviting him to be my shield (Psalm 18:1-3). Lord, may I avail myself of your help!

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