Gain or Loss

I spent half the month of March on a journey of my mom passing away. I know she’s with Jesus and that brings me great comfort, but I still miss her.

There were so many good things that came out of the two weeks away from home including quality time with both of my sisters and time with my dad. We all had opportunities to say our goodbyes.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve received multiple sympathy cards. Most people write or speak to me, “Sorry for your loss.” And it is a loss.

Yesterday I started thinking about Philippians 3:7: “But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ.” (ESV) I began to wonder if God had something else for me there.

Yes, earthly gain counted as loss for Christ is God truth. But what if earthly loss counted as gain for Christ is also God truth?

I’m not trying to add to the word of God, rather thinking about my response, any of our responses, to earthly losses of any kind. What are our options?

Wallow in sorrow, despair, self-pity. Plant feet firmly in anger and resistance against God and others. Go to our happy place, AKA, escape and never truly deal with the loss. Just a few examples from an endless list I’m sure.

But what if I take this earthly loss and live it out in such a way to bring glory to God? What if before I respond in my human flesh, I try responding in the Spirit?

I’m trying my best to do just that. I’m hoping that all of us who call ourselves active believers can do the same.
That’s not to say that sorrow and anger and the rest of the grieving process isn’t valid, it’s more to say that we don’t let it consume us.

What current loss are you struggling over? What could you do to make it a loss that counts as gain for Christ?

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