Zipper Faith

I’ve been zipping a lot, and I mean A LOT, of jackets lately. This happens when you work at a school with pre-schoolers and you are outside with them before, during and after school. I’ve encountered plenty of zippers with problems.

Some are just plain worn out, on jackets handed down from siblings and used repeatedly. Others are smooth and zip easily. Lots of them get jammed by the side material. The most bothersome ones are the ones that zip initially but then split at the base. Even my new jacket did that one day.

So what’s the big deal? What does this have to do with faith?

In my quiet time I sometimes pray the alphabet, which I talked about quite a while back in “God APP.” The letter “Z” is always a challenge to come up with a praise or prayer word for. Many times I use the word zipper. I imagine my journey of faith as a zipper and I want my life to groove in with God’s will as the zipper moves up, as my faith moves up.

The broken zippers lately have me thinking about zipper faith. What kind of zipper is my faith? What circumstances in life cause me to split at the bottom or get stuck on the side? Is my faith right now a smooth kind of zipper or one that has grown complacent and taken for granted God’s zipping of my life to His will?

The zippers that come apart at the base are the most dangerous kind of faith. It is the faith of a person who thinks they are great with Christ, with God, but really are coming apart at the core. The zippers that do that in real life are only fixed by starting over from the bottom with a firm standing. Sometimes, God reminds me of this in certain areas of my life.

What about you? If you had to describe your faith in terms of zippers, how would you describe it?



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