Resistance Distance

After a hiatus of a three month disappearance from the world, I’m back, ready to try again, re-committed to bringing insight from my life to light through blogging. Why so, “long time no see”?  Not sure exactly.

Thought maybe my thoughts weren’t that insightful, got too bogged down in life to blog, went off on a life tangent which led to another life tangent which led to yet another life tangent. But if I am to be honest, I would say the number one reason I disappeared was resistance distance.

You know what that is, right? How sometimes something turns from enjoyable into hard work required and so you begin to distance yourself from it based on the resistance? Yep, that’s me and blogging. The discipline of consistency broke down. The idea well ran dry and instead of digging a new well, I used it as an excuse to not blog.

And spiritually? Whew, look out. I’m a pro at resistance distance when it comes to things God calls me to. I’ll make excuses for the excuses, travel through rabbit holes searching for rabbit holes. And what does God have to say about all of this?

I know what He’s been speaking to me lately. My resistance to God is called disobedience and yes, it does indeed lead to distance in my journey with Christ.

For me, for now, these little bit of words on a computer screen are steps back to the best God calls me to.

What about you? What in your spiritual life is causing some resistance distance? What step do you need to take to recover the distance? And are you willing?

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