Catty Thoughts

I am afraid of mice. And I mean in a screaming-like-a-little-girl-run-to-the-highest-bit-o-furniture kind of way. This past spring we had a mouse invasion at our house.

Since adulthood I’ve been mainly a dog person. I had nothing against cats per say, but let’s just say as a teenager, and later a nanny, I had too many incidents of spoiled cats with litter box issues. As a child I loved cats to pieces, even wrote my first book in second grade about cats.

After getting two dogs, I thought all was well and good, that is until the mouse invasion of 2014. Emptying mouse traps 20+ times in a month and a half brought a fresh perspective. (Yes, my husband emptied most of them.)

Desperate, we immediately called to surrounding shelters to find cats that could be garage/outside cats only. We were put in touch with organizations working with barn cats and feral cats. They came in colonies of 4. We didn’t want 4, we wanted 2. We contacted 4 organizations total and finally by mid-April we had a placement of a mother-daughter team. Perfect. We didn’t need them to be cozy in our lap cats, we needed them to be mouse assassins.

The cats were released into the original one car garage attached to our laundry room. They bolted to opposite walls, put Superman to shame with their ability to leap tall in a single bound, and dropped into the house soffit, thus accessing our attic where they stayed for a week until we live trapped them.

We next kenneled them while husband made soffit inaccessible. We released them from the kennel and the two feral cats went everywhere they could to be out of our reach, including behind a placed sheet of dry wall. At the end of the recommended confinement period they bolted, only to be seen a few times since.

Feral cats didn’t work. We left food out but didn’t know what exactly was eating it and neither of us wanted to be feeding raccoons, opossums or rodents.

A month ago we got kittens. We can handle them, we watch them play, eat, they come over to us–in short, they let us love them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the contrast between the feral cats and the kittens and people’s reactions to God. Many people in our world are God-feral. They want nothing to do with Him whatsoever no matter how much He simply wants to love on them and care for them.

I’ve got a couple of God-feral people in my life. You too? I think I will continue putting out food consistently; who knows, perhaps they may yet come around. In the meantime, I will continue being the God-fearing kitten that I am, happy to have any contact with God.

Shady Reflections

I’m on heightened alert these days. Reading the NT in the Message, fasting from seven foods (dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts, sugar, corn, eggs), and doing a Beth Moore Bible study have all upped the anty, shall we say.

And yesterday I plummeted off a cliff into an imagined icy luxury hotel where self-indulgence has its way. The bag of chips are gone. (And no, it didn’t make me feel any better.) Today I awoke, still out of sorts, ready for the funky mood and wrestling with God over specific issues to end. Which of course meant I needed to relinquish my rights.

It all sounds a bit elusive, but the point is I went for a walk in a woods this morning. In my usual fashion I was walking, wrestling, venting and asking God to pull me out of the tailspin. At one point I paused and looked up. I was underneath a maple tree and the translucent, green leaves provided adequate shade from an ever increasingly intense sun.

Jonah came to mind and nothing was fishy about it at all. No, after he delivered God’s message to Ninevah, he went out of town and set up under a shelter to await the doom and destruction of the city. God caused a tree to grow up and shade him, which made Jonah happy. Then God caused the plant to die and a hot wind to blow in and nearly scorch Jonah to death, which made Jonah angry.

All of this was due to Jonah’s anger over God’s mercy and compassion shown to Ninevah. Spoiler alert:  God doesn’t destroy the city, the people repent. Jonah missed God’s blessing because of anger in his heart. Or seen another way, God’s blessing went away because of anger in Jonah’s heart over God matters, over how God operates.

How often am I angry over how God operates? What blessings disappear before my eyes when I am too busy comparing my life to others?

I walked on. I came around a bend on the trail and there was an extraordinary plant. White and translucent, with leaves and buds intact. It was completely by itself. I’ve never seen the likes of it before.

God can do what He wants to do, when he wants to do it.

God intimately works in mysterious ways, searching for those willing to see and crave more of His Spirit.

What does Jonah’s story speak to you?

Resistance Distance

After a hiatus of a three month disappearance from the world, I’m back, ready to try again, re-committed to bringing insight from my life to light through blogging. Why so, “long time no see”?  Not sure exactly.

Thought maybe my thoughts weren’t that insightful, got too bogged down in life to blog, went off on a life tangent which led to another life tangent which led to yet another life tangent. But if I am to be honest, I would say the number one reason I disappeared was resistance distance.

You know what that is, right? How sometimes something turns from enjoyable into hard work required and so you begin to distance yourself from it based on the resistance? Yep, that’s me and blogging. The discipline of consistency broke down. The idea well ran dry and instead of digging a new well, I used it as an excuse to not blog.

And spiritually? Whew, look out. I’m a pro at resistance distance when it comes to things God calls me to. I’ll make excuses for the excuses, travel through rabbit holes searching for rabbit holes. And what does God have to say about all of this?

I know what He’s been speaking to me lately. My resistance to God is called disobedience and yes, it does indeed lead to distance in my journey with Christ.

For me, for now, these little bit of words on a computer screen are steps back to the best God calls me to.

What about you? What in your spiritual life is causing some resistance distance? What step do you need to take to recover the distance? And are you willing?