Fred the Dog

I had this past week off from work. After completing plenty of mundane tasks around the house, relaxing and hanging with friends, by Thursday I was ready for solitude and a great adventure. The plan:  to visit three state parks I had never been to before.

I packed a lunch and plenty of layers and drove over the mountains to my first stop, a state park situated on a lake. The only other people there were two moms with a daughter and dog each. In search of trails, I left the parking lot only to be followed by one of their dogs. Repeatedly I attempted to send the dog back to its owner. Occasionally he listened.

But then he was right back with me again. Struggling with whether or not it was my responsibility to watch this dog, I soon discovered the dog was going to do what he was going to. The trail didn’t really go anywhere and so I sat on a rock at water’s edge and tried to reflect as noise from the highway zoomed past.

Did I forget to mention this state park was right beside a busy highway?

Finally the dog owner’s daughter came to retrieve the dog, whose name I now learned, Fred. Soon after I left the park, but not before I witnessed Fred bite his owner-child who then ran screaming to her mother.

Three parks later I sat at the edge of another lake disappointed in my day’s quest for adventure. Fred the dog came to mind. I wondered if he too was in search of adventure and seeing me take off on a trail, followed eagerly only to be disappointed by me. I wondered if he bit his owner-child because the adventure proved false. And then I wondered if I too, might be nipping at God because my expectations for the day were incorrect, my focus way off.

Sometimes I try too hard. What about you? Do you have a Fred the dog moment to share?