Lately God’s been speaking to me on the matter of fear. Currently we have mice in our house. Mere coincidence? I think not.

My husband has always graciously handled the mouse issue for me. By the way, they are my biggest, creepiest, scariest fear. I don’t mind them outside, where I expect them to be, but when they’re in my house, I scream like a little girl and climb the highest piece of furniture.

It’s a deep seated fear in me and I’m no dummy. They say elephants are freaked out by the creepy things too, and they’re considered one of the more intelligent of the animal kingdom.

A couple of days ago they got into our food and our dishes. Our dirty laundry became a food storage bin for them. It was time to take a stand. It was time to take action. Awaiting the results of poison, traps and electric current/pitch thing today. Traps catching a few.

God is calling me to take a stand against my fears in the realm of my heart’s desires. He wants me to take action and not to run screaming from the room in fear. I’ve been trapped for far too long. Generally speaking, I tend to allow my emotions to rule over me in my fear, which, of course, does nothing to eradicate the fear. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

That said, I’m still hesitant in taking action. But as the mice so kindly remind me–I do not want to live in or with fear. It is time for an eradication, an extermination. The tools are at hand: ┬áHis Word and His weapons forged for me for just such a battle.

What are you afraid of in the physical realm? Where are you lingering in fear when God would have you be courageous and take action? What one thing can you change to move out of a place where you’re bound up by fear?


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