Carpet Rounds

My grandmother spent several years working in a furniture store. I suppose that is why she had two packages of carpet samples, each sample round about 4″  in diameter. All I know is that when we went to her house, they were stored in with the toys and my sister and I would play with them.

Sometimes we would spread them all out around their living room and tiptoe our way across on them. At other times we would use the same concept only the person in front would drop carpet samples one round at a time, resulting in drastic direction changes and laughter.

The other morning in my quiet time, those silly carpet rounds came to mind. I’ve been contemplating fear in my life lately–I know, doesn’t that sound like fun–and there are areas of my life where I know I need to step out and be brave. Instead, I’ve been hiding behind attitudes and cloaking my fears. I’ve been preferring the comfortable and familiar to the great unknown. The ridiculous thing is that I know if I would step out, then freedom and fulfillment would be waiting on the other side.

Sometimes we ask God for guidance and direction, but I wonder, do I really want to take the risk of leaving the familiar horizons behind? “Of course I do,” is the correct spiritual answer. Lately, however, it seems like it is just an automatic response; inside, I’m resisting change like crazy.  Why? Fear.

So I’m trying to not lose myself in the big picture of doing things VERY differently; rather I’m watching for the round carpet sample to be  dropped by Christ. And to follow in obedience, without grumbling, no matter how drastic the change in direction is.

Are there any childhood games you played that are symbolic of something God is trying to teach you currently? How do you overcome fear?

1 thought on “Carpet Rounds

  1. Laura, I can’t really think of any childhood games, symbolic or otherwise….but I’ll let you know.
    The picture of God dropping the pathway pieces along the way is a great metaphor for adventure.
    You go, girl. He has a plan.

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