Armed With Kavod

I am embarking on an adventure this week, albeit one I’m admittedly not looking forward to whole-heartedly. And yet it will help my heart become closer to whole, or so I hope.

When heading for an adventure, one usually plans months in advance and prepares for it weekly, if not daily, the closer it gets. According to the google definition an adventure is “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” By these standards I am indeed heading for an adventure, that of heart surgery.

A simple, routine procedure for the surgeon is in fact a battle of thoughts and emotions for his subject. The easy replacement of a medical implant reveals the often invisible battlefield surrounding me, and shows how often I am on it, unarmed and vulnerable.

I’ve been chewing over the concept of glory and being armed with it for a while now. In Hebrew the word for glory is KAVOD, and its definition far surpasses that which I’ve always associated with its meaning, that of high honor. But glory in Hebrew, KAVOD, means heavy weapons and defenses of battle.

In the Bible the Israelites sometimes went into battle armed with the glory of God, and sometimes they just thought they were, which usually ended poorly for them.

I’ve been pulling out KAVOD the last few days in preparation for my surgery–my unusual, hazardous experience, aka: ¬†adventure. Battles are adventures, look at the genre classification for war films. And battles are adventures in my own tiny life. And this time I want to be ready for the adventure. I want to be armed with KAVOD.

And so I am recalling scripture, immersing myself in God’s Word, praying hard, praising hard, gathering the armor of God around me and gearing up.

What about you? What adventure are you embarking on which will require KAVOD to see it through? How will you gear up?


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