Post-Thanksgiving . . .

This is a post-Thanksgiving post. This is a post about Thanksgiving. This is a post of Thanksgiving. This is a post beyond the gluttonous holiday of turkey stuffing and stuffing yourself with turkey, beyond the great rush of scoring the perfect gift on sale on black Friday or the football team of choice’s game times and scores.

I am thankful for so much. I could list off a bunch of items here from job to friends to possessions, etc. But I’m not going to. Being thankful for something is not the same thing as being thankful to someone. I heard a message last Sunday about Thanksgiving and how it should be intentional and also how true thanksgiving goes way beyond circumstances.

The Thanksgiving holiday should be a bridge of gratitude into the spiritual realm, into God country.

This Thanksgiving my husband and I hosted a pack of dogs. Ten dogs total in our house. My thanksgiving regarding this particular circumstance translates into praise to my Savior for providing me with endurance, but more so for my heart transformation about the ten dogs in our house. I thank God for the work He continues to do in me with love and grace and concern for my spiritual well-being.

This world is so temporary and transparent, if only we choose to look beyond and embrace the One who gives us eyes to see and hearts to know.

I know who I am thankful to, for the many things I am thankful for.

What about you, do you truly know whom you are thanking? Or are you absently listing off your thankfulness without considering the Source of your gratitude?

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