My Most Useful APP

I am attempting to crawl back from the underbelly of the whale called, “Going Back to Work.” The number one killer of blog followers is inconsistency. For those of you whom I’ve killed off–I’m truly sorry. For the die hards, I am setting a goal of 1x per week. PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.

And now to what’s on my mind and heart these days:  APPs. Everyone has their favorite APP they cannot live without. Maps, of course, is a highly used APP for me, also weather, Pandora, Facebook, urbanspoon and tip calculator. But these days my favorite APP is the God APP.

Now I’m sure that there really is some kind of God APP out there, I haven’t even bothered to check. My God APP is God Alphabet Praise & Prayer. It works like this:  When I’m in the midst of crisis or mediocrity or the blahs or the wahoos or the whatever, I start with an “A” word and pray it for my situation or acknowledge God in praise. Then I work my way through the alphabet.

For example, God, You are ABOUNDING in love or God, I pray You would ACT ACCORDING to Your will in this situation. Slowly I pray or praise my way through the alphabet. It’s not rocket science, to be sure, but I started it at the beginning of the year when I was in the midst of an intense personal crisis. Sometimes during that time I needed to pray it through. At other times a good old-fashioned dose of praise was comfort to my soul.

Warning, use of the God APP may be challenging and difficult. It may even force you to turn your eyes away from yourself or a situation. A few letters can still stump me from time to time. I’ve had to get creative with “X” and “Z” and certain letters force me to articulate my heartfelt thoughts in a new way, even to praise God in a new way.

Maybe this APP isn’t for you, but I say give it a try and see what happens. A little more praise and prayer can’t hurt, right?

What’s your favorite APP? What does it reveal about you?

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