I mixed up a cocktail last night. It was one of those days where, you know, you’d like to erase it from your memory card for good. Okay, I didn’t really mix an alcoholic cocktail, although I did drink a glass of wine.

No, the cocktail I mixed up was mainly comprised of self-preservation, anger, self-pity, selfishness and I’m pretty sure I threw in a splash of pride as well. I slugged it down quickly and then doused my husband with some of it too. I might have even continued to sip at it until I went to bed. Some days it’s just hard being a person.

Emotions are potent things, duh, and when mixed together with other people’s emotions, look out–big bang creating a world of hurt. Ugh.

I awoke this morning with a bad taste in my heart. My breath was reeking with regret and my stomach was in knots. And we all know there is only one true cure for an emotional hangover. . .REPENTANCE.

I went to a secluded place and traced the ingredients of my emotional cocktail back to their origin, not just sin, but particular sins. Within the sacred place of God’s presence and grace, I found relief.

And I went to my husband and asked forgiveness. Only then were the effects of my emotional cocktail finally gone. Sometimes it’s best to not indulge the emotions.

Which ingredients do you find yourself mixing together in your own unique version of an emotional cocktail?

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