Muscle Grace

I started doing pilates again this week. I have slimmed down via diet and thought now is the time to strengthen the stomach muscles. I pushed through my twelve minute routine two days in a row.

This morning I began the exercises and pretty quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to continue. I had jumped right in only to have to pull back quicker than I had imagined. In fact, I had thought it was not going to be a big deal at all to jump right back into the exercises I hadn’t done for a year or more.


I’m giving grace to my muscles today, and maybe tomorrow.

On a spiritual level, muscle grace translates to jumping back into spiritual practices that perhaps have fallen by the wayside such as intercessory prayer, meditation, fasting, whole hearted worshiping. And the enemy will attack there too as we try and push through.

So give yourself grace, whether it be something physical that you are trying to overcome, or something spiritual that you’re trying to take up for the first time or again after a long break.

For myself, muscle grace for working outside the home again too.

Where do you need muscle grace?

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