Okay, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve slacked completely off on the 30LG. For various reasons, last week ended the fast for me. The main reason being it is too difficult to maintain such a fast while travelling and eating with friends. Honestly, I’m absolutely ok with breaking the fast. I know I can do it.

Moving on. I’ve been thinking about snags. My fingernails always seem to catch on something, often times clothes. You know how when you get a snag, slowly but surely things begin to unravel. Once favorite clothes are tossed in the donation pile, or worse, delegated to the rag bag.

Here’s the thing, I believe we also have emotional and spiritual snags. You know, those times when you think you’re holding together nicely when all of a sudden something catches and the next thing you know you are unraveling. Emotional snags are when the tears or anger or fill in the blank, take over and every little bit of what you thought you’ve overcome starts unraveling before your eyes once again.

Spiritual snags generally become evident by the input of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes when you’re reading a verse. Other times out of the blue, something unexpected triggers something in your heart and you find yourself unraveling before the Lord, and sometimes others. And when it is with others, it isn’t necessary for everyone to know what is at the heart of the matter. Although I do recommend talking about it with a trusted friend.

I’ve had lots of snags over the years. A re-occurring one for me has to do with not having children. Today, I caught myself on a depression and quickly began unraveling.

Thank God for grace. Embrace the grace.

What’s snagging you these days? What are you doing with them, letting them unravel you, or giving them over to the Mender of your heart?


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