Day 20: Strength and Community

I’ve moved twice in the last year to two separate communities an hour apart from each other. I long for community. I long for the Woodland days when I could walk into a store and greet someone by name, besides the check-out person with a name tag. Still church shopping, ugh, and still not plugging in anywhere really. It’s easy to slip past it all when you don’t have children, or a job.

The gym is not a place to meet people. Most are on the equipment stealing a few quiet moments to themselves and working on their own definition of healthy. Quite honestly, I don’t see myself keeping membership long term. I think I’m more of a class-y gal, and not in an “I’m better than you” kind of way, more like in an “I want community” kind of way, even if it is just one night a week for 45 minutes.

I was taking a walk today with a friend–thank God I at least have one of those here. We were discussing community and texting and facebooking and you might as well add in blogging. You loyal readers are considered a community of sorts. More and more I think there is less and less of face to face, let me bring chicken noodle soup over because you’re sick kind of community.

We are all so focused on our own little lives walking around with our head in the cloud of whichever device is our favorite. I’m going to try an experiment, I’ve decided to try and smile and or say hi to as many people as I can. It sounds easy enough, but my mom could testify with story after story of how many times she has told me to smile.

Do you think Jesus, when He walked the earth, kept His head down when He wasn’t working miracles, or did He look people in the eyes and smile? Do you think they felt it down to their toes?

There is strength in community, in looking out for others physically in front of us. And of course, there is strength in distant communities as well.

Where do you invest your strength in community?

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