30LG Day 19: Web of Distraction

Moved firewood various times over the weekend, encountering all sorts of creepy spider webs. On the arms, in the face, spiders in my hair, lovely.

This morning as I hit my devo time, I found myself stuck in another web–the web of distraction. I mean, I knew why I was setting aside the time, I knew to whom I was paying homage and worshipping, I even knew how much I needed this time to start my day out right.

But like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings, I was running into one web right after another. So much for quality time.

Finally, I stopped long enough and did an exercise I like to call alphabet praise where I acknowledge God through each letter. Today’s focus of alphabet praise was the presence of the living God and why I was here.

By the end, the sticky strings of the web of distraction were gone and then I was present enough to pray. Some days it just takes longer than others.

Good thing God is patient with us.

What do you do to get yourself out of a web of distraction?

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