30LG Days 16, 17: Weapon of Choice

I’ve been reading a lot of fiction lately with battle scenes and I’ve been thinking about weapons some. To be honest, my use of weapons has been limited to shooting bows and arrows at a camp I worked at, along with BB guns. Beyond that, I fired a 20 gage shotgun once at a clay shoot fundraiser, literally, one shot.

I envision myself as more a bow and arrow kind of gal versus gun, but I’ve never fired a pistol and that seems like it would be interesting. Knives, forget it, I throw worse than a girl. Oh, and I’ve thrown a few tomahawks in my day as well, camp again.

Crossbows maybe? Sword? No experience whatsoever with either.

For the day in, day out battles–most of which are fought on a plain of mediocrity–I have to choose the weapon that packs the most punch and quells the enemy, crushing him under foot.

I read a Bible verse a few days ago which I’ve been mulling over in my mind, letting it steep into me. Jeremiah 23:29 says, “Is not My word like fire, declares the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?” (ESV) God’s word is fire and hammer, it’s the sword of the Spirit, it is sharper than any double-edged sword, separating bone and marrow. Hmm.

Fire destroys, purifies, makes way for new, burns and warms. Hammer breaking rock makes me think about a stone quarry I would sometimes walk to with huge, massive boulders, the kind that could kill you if one fell on you. The type of hammer to break that size of rock would be humongous and heavy, crushing all in its way. Don’t even get me started on the power and strength needed to wield such a hammer. Swords with two edges, deadly on its own, God’s word even deadlier to those who stand in its way.

Can you believe that we may wield such a weapon against the enemy in battles big and small? Unfortunately I seem to overlook this point often.

I think it’s time I take up God’s word and learn to wield it well against attacks.

What about you? What’s your weapon of choice? What weapon are you using most days against the enemy of your soul?


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