30LG Day 14: Weakness

Wow, am I really not even half-way done with this? I had a waste of humanity kind of day brought on by a 1:30am awakening that didn’t leave until probably around 4am. I escaped the only way I knew how from the list of tasks that required way too much energy of me–story.

Weakness overtook me today. I casually tried to wrestle away from it but it took me by force. Some days weakness haunts me, or is it hunts me? Either way, it seems to be always on the horizon of the day mocking me and trying to knock me over. Many days I let it.

What is it about weakness that holds me so? Is it because it doesn’t require a lot of me? How easily it leads into avoidance. And avoidance into depression. And depression into . . .

But what if weakness is allowed by the Sovereign God to sway me to Him? What if the very thing that hunts and haunts me is there for the sole purpose of pressing closer into the Strong One? How would life change or be different with this shift in perspective?

Even in my greatest strength I am weak. Yet even in my greatest weakness God knows and cares and loves. He is merciful in our weakness. We are but a mere blade of grass, easily plucked and forgotten, crushed underfoot with little effort. And yet for love Christ died for us that He might pour His everlasting, powerful strength into us to do things even greater than the mundane tasks of our existence.

Are you being hunted and haunted by weakness today?

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