30LG Day 13: Personal Strength Training

I joined a gym two weeks ago and today I finally made it in. Beyond the food, I wanted to gain physical strength on this journey. Today I entered the gym and met with my freebie one time personal trainer who took me through a physical assessment.

Overall I was disappointed. She was a young gal with energy and spunk and just starting out, trying to drum up business. Instead of teaching me how to use the equipment, which I desperately needed–my right brained mind lacks logic often, she kept telling me about the different tools she uses, none of which were available for use at the gym.

I did learn a couple of the weight machines (are they even called machines?) and after her courtesy half-hour I returned to one of the machines and could not figure out how to adjust it.

Did I mention this is my first time ever around weight machines? Needless to say I soon left the gym frustrated and feeling extremely out of my element. But I had specifically joined the gym for this journey and so I will force myself to return in a couple of days.

Strength training, physical or spiritual, is an individual matter. What works for one may not work for another. I would like to identify four different weight machines at the gym and learn to use them. I think this will work for me. And yes, I will be asking for assistance from the staff often.

Spiritual strength training for me these days is similar to my experience in the gym. I have yet to find what will work best for me.

My husband says it takes time to get the most out of weight machines. His own experience with them in high school showed that it took about a month before he felt comfortable and knew what he was doing, and started feeling the benefits.

I hope I last that long. I have a tendency to lose interest if I don’t get it. Regardless, today showed me that strength training is a personal thing.

Anybody out there have a gym story to share?

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