30LG Day 12: Neglected Strength

When I was younger I lost myself in songwriting. Before the days of writing for publication I poured all of my creativity and soul into song. The harder the strum, the more deep into my soul. It’s been awhile.

I picked up my guitar earlier and sat on the swing with the intent to play louder than the nearby highway traffic. I strummed hesitantly at first, telling myself I must play a song, but the couple I tried fell flat–figuratively, not literally because I tuned–and I was left with a need to play hard ’til my fingers bled kind of feeling.

No blood splattered the guitar but as I was strumming hard in minor chords with an occasional major, it came to me that this vital part of me I thought I had lost was merely neglected. Guitar playing and songwriting is a natural strength, meaning when I can lose myself in it, I feed a vital part of something good God created in me.

Last night I was overwhelmed by the longing for a routine of some kind. Several areas of my life continue to be up in the air and I’ve been neglecting areas where I need to move forward. Maybe neglect isn’t the right word there. Maybe it’s more like delay on my part. I started thinking about which things need to be included in my day.

After playing the guitar, I’m convinced that picking up an instrument for an audience of One needs to be included in my ever-shifting routine. As does writing and nature. These are gifts from God that give me strength. And when I see them as such and embrace them in a day and direct them to Him, then I will feel the force of His strength through them empowering my soul.

What are your natural strengths, God gifts that feed your soul? Is it time to pull a couple of them out of the back of the closet and dust them off and let God give you strength through them?

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