30LG Day 9 and 10: Heart Hunger

I’m restless today. I experienced it yesterday too, but today it seems stronger. The food part of my 30LG  Journey is going well, the rest of it, not so much.

This journey isn’t taking me as deep as I want it to and I’m frustrated by that, probably more so because I said I would blog every day and once again I fell off that wagon. Are these attacks from the enemy? Either way, God has allowed it and I must awaken to the restlessness of this moment and pry open the door with its rusty hinges to my heart.

Yesterday after a night of book virus, I awoke to immediately pick the book back up and finish it. (See facebook posting of yesterday.) I was aware as I did so that God was nudging me to contemplate heart hunger.

Too often I say I hunger for the things of God. More often I find myself reaching for temporal things around me to feed the cravings of the heart. And it’s not that reading or TV or whatever is bad–as long as I’m not avoiding God in the process.

Many of us church goers have heard the phrase, “hunger for the things of God.” What does that mean in a tangible way? What does that look like on a day when restlessness haunts me or there are too many things that must be taken care of?

What does my heart hunger for? What does my heart feed on, junk food or deeply satisfying food? How often do I prefer the junk food instead?

The junk food I’m feeding my heart is not bringing me the strength I long for on this 30LG Journey. It’s time for me to get out the scales and weigh, measure out the portions of heart garbage food. If for no other reason than to heighten my awareness as to how and what I’m feeding my heart.

How are you feeding your own heart hunger?

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