30LG Day 8: Hunger Games and Strength

Back to food issues. Examining hunger under a microscope. How often in a day am I really, truly hungry? How often am I simply wanting to graze, to go into a state of numbness via food?

I live in an instant gratification society. Most days hunger plays games with my mind, body and sometimes heart. Comfort foods. When meal times roll around, eat, whether you’re hungry or not. Eat eat eat, maybe take a breath or sip of water, and then eat again. Some days I’m so focused on food it’s disgusting.

Talking to a friend tonight about hunger and how on this seven food fast it seems to rear its ugly head and that’s okay. There’s a world of difference between Somalian hunger and my own hunger. An emaciated individual’s hunger is unhealthy, causing weakness to the point of sickness and even death.

My own hunger of middle class America translates to a strength. Mental discipline. Denial. Surrender to a higher power, AKA:  God.

Oddly enough, the excessive feeding of my hunger leads only to an insatiable hunger. And this goes way beyond physical food. This concept enters into the depths of my soul, affecting who I am, or rather who I think I am, and not who God says I am.

Hunger games are constantly occurring within me. But only one thing can really satisfy the cravings of the soul, nothing else will really fill the gap. And so I eat less and learn to be satisfied at the table. And slowly, but surely the strength of hunger is revealed.

What does your hunger game look like? Do you find spiritual strength in hunger?

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