30LG, Days 6 & 7: First Step and Back Again

I’ve returned from the world of traveling. I honestly did try to blog yesterday at the airport but was having issues with Chicago’s Wi-Fi. I had a great family and friends, but must confess this introvert needed charged back up from all the socializing. Plus, to be honest, I missed my routine.

One of the conversations I had while there sparked Day six’s topic:  First Step. This particular person was taking first steps in the right direction and I wanted to cheer them on again and again.

I have a picture from my childhood where I am taking my first steps ever. My mom told me once that I didn’t take the one-step tumble typical of many infants learning to walk. She said I walked clear around the table. And I was a late walker, started at 19 months. It makes me wonder whether or not I practiced when no one was looking.

So how does this translate spiritually? Maybe by us going before God with our big risks first, keeping confidence with God alone, and then as He deems, making it public. I’m not sure.

Day seven:  Back Again.  It’s good to return home and clear away the cobwebs and dig further into my goal. Our homes can sometimes help in our goals and other times prevent our goals. I think it’s probably ever shifting for me.

In what ways does your home help or hinder your goals?

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