30LG Day 5: Exceptions

I’ve been traveling. I started my fast knowing full well I would be faced with a physical challenge of keeping it. And I was doing alright … until last night.

I dove into a meal comprised of many elements I wished to weed out and I was okay with it. I had reached a point where I needed to make an exception in order to feel part of my clan.

Unfortunately it carried over into today.

I have been reading about King Josiah of Judah and how he, 13 kings after Solomon, finally removed all the high places where other gods were worshipped, including Solomon’s high places built for some of his foreign wives. Layer upon layer of generations of altars. From one to many.

Exceptions are scary things, even with the best of intentions. They are not always bad. God’s mercy is exceptional for example. It’s not so much h a matter of me beating myself up for last night’s gorging, it was a joyous celebration, it is more about being on alert and not allowing a good thing to become an excuse for bad habits.

I read two days ago about arming myself for the coming scatterer–the enemy. I return tomorrow to my fast. God’s exceptional mercy in Christ is apparent.

What about you? What starts you on a slippery slope?

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