30LG Day 3

Still pondering the word strength today. Part of this thirty day gig for me is to build up my strength. I’ll start by saying that a full night’s sleep, even on a couch, builds strength.

Spiritually, I’m reading how King Hezekiah of Judah, rebuilds and strengthens the walls around Jerusalem as the Assyrian king taunts the living God and mocks the power of God. All I could think of when I read that this morning was which walls do I need to rebuild and or strengthen and what does that even look like spiritually?

And then I thought too, how like the enemy of my soul to taunt me with mocking the power of God in my life to break down the walls that need broken down.

Additionally, I am in the Midwest in August and the humidity is high. This morning I took a walk with my sister and came home from it nearly zapped from strength. Our surroundings too, can completely zap our strength physically, emotionally, mentally and definitely spiritually.

So what is zapping my spiritual strength? What is zapping yours? Is it not enough time with God? Three things I could do to build up my spiritual strength:  memorize a scripture, a worship time of wild abandonment, and allowing myself to go deeper with God in any way He would ask of me.

I don’t know about you, but I need to rebuild some walls.

What do you do to build up your spiritual strength?  (Please share, it might inspire some of us.)


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