30LG Day 2

I flew last night/this morning home to my parents house. My flight out of SEATAC was delayed until 1am. I flew into Chicago around 6:30am and had to drive three hours. Needless to say, I was/am a zombie.

As I was driving the unfamiliar route through Chicago, feeling weaker than weak, fatigued and resisting the urge for dairy products, I heard loud and clear, “Total Reliance on God.”

That’s what I needed. There was no way I was getting through this day without God. I had no energy. I had only dozed a couple of hours crammed in an airplane seat.

It makes me wonder about how often I rely on my own strength instead of relying on God. But when I empty out completely, and know I can go no further, and call upon my Lord, He is there to carry me.

What about you, what point must you reach before “Total Reliance on God” kicks in?

Stinking tired, going to bed now.

1 thought on “30LG Day 2

  1. I wait too long sometimes to the point of tears and near hysteria. Ok wait I shouldn’t say hysteria then I might need psychiatric help, but close to losing my mind and wanting to kill my kids. Then I think oh ya maybe I should have gone to God for more strength. Today I started praying out loud in front of my son as I was having difficulty stringing the string or whatever it is called through a weed eater. My son said “what?” I said ” Don’t worry mom isn’t going crazy jut praying or I might lose it over a weed eater!” God is so good and gracious. Two days down, all things are possible in Christ!

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