What’s Required of a Goal?

Before I delve into the topic of this blog, I want to openly admit that I am guilty of a blogger’s biggest error:  inconsistency. I apologize to my readers and promise to try harder. Again.

Today, August 1, 2013, I am starting out on a new journey. A 30 day journey. A lot can happen in 30 days; sometimes a lot can happen in 30 minutes.

I am going 30LG. 30 days of Lose and Gain. For the next 30 days I’m choosing to lose seven particularly troublesome foods (and hopefully losing weight in the process) and to lose any spiritual baggage I’ve been lugging behind me. I’m determined to gain physical strength–I finally joined a gym, exercise 30 minutes a day and gain spiritual strength through increased Scripture and praise.

Strength is the theme of the next 30 days for me. I am pursuing increased strength during a time of waiting for many things.

As I was thinking about this journey, I realized that in order for a goal to succeed for me it must have two elements beyond being tangible. One element is spirituality, and by that I mean it must somehow connect deeply to God, or else it WILL fall by the wayside. The other element is creativity/imagination. I like having a theme. It makes a goal fun for me, ties it together and keeps my brain and heart alert creatively as I pursue my goal.

So, over the next 30 days I intend to blog daily, Sundays aside, about my 30LG journey. Some days may be more stimulating than others but I hope that you will join me on this journey.

What is required for you in order to complete a personal goal?  Are there things you need to lose and gain over the next 30 days? Let me know what your 30LG goal is and I will join with you in prayer and in spirit.


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