Wound A’ Dressin’

I don’t like wounds. I was forced last week to remove bandages around a wound I had and I almost passed out. The old dressing was sticking, the wound was uglier than a slug–yes, I’m allowed to say that, I live in the Pacific Northwest–and the new dressing was awkward to put on by myself.

I had a flashback from twenty-nine years ago when I had to pull off the butterfly tape from my open heart surgery at age twelve. I almost passed out then too. I didn’t and don’t like to look at the wound straight on. I would rather avoid it altogether.

Then I realized that most wounds I have had have produced the same reaction. I don’t like pulling off dressing from wounds. Period.

So what if I take this to a spiritual level? I still don’t like wounds. I don’t want to address the issues of the wound and pull off the conformed and protective shell around it which I have dressed the wound with. . . like lies or avoidance or pride or  whatever sin I can hide behind in order to keep from addressing the real issue of my wound.

Pulling off the initial dressings almost always involves a greater risk of re-opening the wound. Ugh. In time, the dressing comes off easier, but the wound is still there–ugly and never healing as quickly as I want it to.

But here’s the thing:  wounds, whether physical or spiritual, must be cleaned frequently and aired and protected. And so how do you clean a spiritual wound?

Expose it before Christ, ask His Spirit to clean it, to air it out, not for the world to see and know, but before Him in a sacred place where repentance, forgiveness, mercy and love abound:  in His Presence. Ask Him for a new perspective and wait for Him to breathe on it. Keep it protected until it heals under His touch completely, and then give your testimony as and when He directs.

It seems simple enough, so why don’t I do it more often?

What old or new wounds are you avoiding? What are you gaining by refusing to address and re-dress the wound? What could be released in you by exposing it to the air of God?


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