Peanuts’ Reflection

I recently discovered I have a mild food allergy to peanuts. But this post isn’t about that at all. I’m referring to the other Peanuts, you know, Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the gang.

I posted earlier on facebook that I was Pigpen today. I was sanding down the textured walls of my bedroom and it was a big, cloudy, dusty mess.

It got me thinking more about Pigpen. What was his deal? Why was he always so filthy? Was it because he had poor hygiene, or was it something else they never really talked about, at least to my knowledge?

What if the philosophy behind Pigpen was simply, “Get in there and have an adventure and to heck with cleanliness”? I think too often I have portrayed Lucy instead in my life, wanting to push my ideas on people and boss others around in my struggle to maintain a false control. I remember her best for her doctor’s booth, I think she was a psychologist. She loved to sit on the sidelines and give advice while¬†others did the work.

That’s been my own philosophy many times in home ownership, tell my husband what needs done and try to tell him how to do it. Just for the record–that never goes over well.

I’m going to change and become Pigpen-ish. I am going to step up to the overloaded plate set before my husband and start taking on tasks, no matter how hard or unpleasant, to ease his burden and to live a life of action. After all, didn’t Christ call us to the action of service?

Which Peanuts character do you most identify with and why?

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