Selective Hearing

Our new house is nestled on a high bank beside a river of humanity called Highway 18. The sound of traffic is constant. Sometimes the river flows fast and furious–rush hour–and sometimes it slows to a near trickle–late at night, early mornings, etc.

Luckily a jungle lies in between our house and the river. Yes, I’m well aware that Washington state does not have jungles, although it does have rain forests. The property slopes into a valley of tangled vine maple, berry bramble times a million and in general a twisted mass of shrubbery. About an acre of our property is like this.

Last week I began to hear the jungle noises, mainly that of tropical bird calls. Hallelujah there have been no monkey sightings, although I am on the lookout for sasquatch. But back to the birds.

I have begun to hear bird calls I’ve never even begun to imagine emitting from the jungle most days. Your guess is as good as mine as to what bird is calling–unless of course you are a birder, in which case please come visit and help me identify the calls.

The traffic is still ongoing, the river is more likely to flood than hit drought, at least at current gas prices and commutes, but I am tuning into the birds. I am choosing to concentrate on them instead and be amazed by God’s creation. The birds are whistling, singing and warbling their praise, reminding me to praise my Creator as well.

As you flow along in your own river of humanity, are you just making noise, or are you contributing to the symphony of praise all around us on this great planet? If you find you are not, what is keeping you from it? What do you need to do differently?

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