Wall of Mirrors

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall, who’s the daringnest of them all to remove them off without a fall?

I have a wall of mirrors in my new house. Or I did have one. I removed around thirty one foot mirrors today in the smallest bedroom of our house. It was scary. They were taped on and I had to pry them off one at a time all the while hoping they wouldn’t crack or shatter.

Suprisingly, only one shattered, and that was because I dropped it. Several of them cracked but most came off without cracking up. I didn’t crack up much during the process either.

I slowly watched myself disappear as I removed each panel of mirror. So many reflections of myself visible, so many angles, so many different perspectives. One by one I was swallowed up. Behind the wall of mirrors was a yellow wall. Immediately the room seemed darker and smaller.

I kept waiting for some grand revelation through the mirror removal process. The only thing I came up with was this:  Christ calls us to die to self, to remove all of our own perceptions of who we are in order that we may be ready to embrace who He wants us to be.

At the end, the wall was a blank slate. Hopefully by my end, the selfish, sinful Laura parts will all disappear, replaced by the glory of God.

So, what would you do with a wall of mirrors?  And what do you think I should do with my blank slate (it’s in our office room)?

2 thoughts on “Wall of Mirrors

  1. Laura, I just ordered a book for the library in which a woman took down all of her mirrors and lived without looking at her reflection for one year. And it was the year of her wedding!! Can you imagine the lessons learned? I’ll have to check on the title for you.

    1. Wow, it sounds scary and freeing all at once. Think of how often we look in a mirror. I bet that could be a powerful and revealing 40 day fast.

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