Abishag’s Desire

This isn’t a questionable blogpost. Although it sounds racy in nature, it actually is an ongoing spiritual battle for me, and probably for most of you readers as well. First, let me remind or tell you who Abishag was.

I Kings chapter 1:  King David is nearly on his deathbed, a man so old that it is impossible for him to get warm. The king’s servants throw blanket after blanket on him, but still he is cold. So they suggest finding a young virgin to lay with him in a non-sexual way to warm him up. The kingdom is searched high and low and Abishag the Shunammite, known for her beauty, is selected.

At this point I’m wondering why one of David’s wives or concubines isn’t brought in, but no matter. The second thought to strike is, what about Abishag’s life? I’m assuming that after being the king’s sleeping partner, sexually or not, she wouldn’t exactly be marriageable material. Didn’t she have dreams of marriage? Was she pleased at the news of being selected to keep the elderly king warm in bed? Was this a priveledge for her?

Or was she cringing inside?

I personally believe she was cringing inside, and whether or not that was the case, this belief exposed something nasty lurking in the corners of my heart:  SELFISHNESS. Ugh, here we go again.

Abishag’s story continues in I Kings chapter 2. King David’s second son Adonijah tries to take the throne over Solomon, whom the LORD had selected to reign next. Adonijah is stopped and then he asks Bathsheba, Solomon’s mom, to plead with Solomon, now king, for Abishag to take as Adonijah’s wife. Solomon refuses the request and has Adonijah put to death.

Whoa, wait a minute. Did Abishag even know Adonijah? King David dies before Adinojah’s request, but did he ever even talk to her, let alone love her? Or was he simply using her as a pawn in a political game? And what about Abishag? If she did know and love Adonijah, what then? What about Abishag’s desire for love and marriage? Furthermore, what happened to her in the end? I’m sure she was cared for while in the king’s safekeeping, but did she die there or did she marry for love?

Too often, these little side stories in the Bible leave me frustrated with questions. Often they reveal the sin of my own heart. I am consumed with selfishness.

I want to be a person willing to serve wherever and in whatever capacity God calls me to without complaint or grumbling. I can only do this if I lay down my own desire.

What do you think happened to Abishag?

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