Three Choices

We all know about genies and three wishes. Of course as Christians, we know we have something better–God and Christ and the Spirit alive in us. And while a genie centers on the immediate physical,  God is interested in our ongoing heart transformation. And sometimes God lays before us three choices.

I was reading yesterday in 2 Samuel 24.  David was nearing the end of his reign as king of Israel and takes a census of the people without God’s consent. In so doing, David sins. God reacts by giving David three choices:  three years of famine in Israel, three months of being pursued by his enemies or three days of pestilence.

David chooses the three days of pestilence which honestly made me wonder why he didn’t choose the three months of enemy pursuit; after all, David was known for his successful evasion of the enemy time and time again. I wonder if he was simply weary of enemies.

Yesterday God laid before me three choices in a particular situation to test my own faith.

I was waiting at a doctor’s office when an elderly woman with an amputated leg was wheeled in by a man who left her there, returned with paperwork and then left again. He was a senior services driver. The woman was placed right in front of the desk where she clutched a half-eaten sandwich in her hand and drifted off to sleep. People had to step around her to check in. I sat across from her wondering if I should do something for her. I longed to know her story or even her name, but I did nothing, said nothing.

This morning I realized my choice had been wrong from God’s perspective. I chose to do nothing, not wanting to interfere, and I was even a bit uppity in my outlook toward her. I could have simply moved her out of the way to make check in more convenient for everyone else, and that would have been the logical thing to do according to the world. But we are called to greater.

I should have asked her name before she drifted off to sleep, tried to lift her spirits some, shone Christ’s light into her existence. This was the choice God wanted me to make. Instead I got caught up in convenience and selfishness, which cost me nothing physically, but caused me,  and her, to lose out spiritually.

Three choices, and I chose wrong. I don’t want to live like this. I want Christ to reign in me. I want to always surrender to His will and obey His voice in any given situation. This journey, this life, is not so much about a huge impact for Christ, as it is a shining His light in little ways everyday.

Interestingly enough, David’s choice led him to the place where God’s future temple would be built. Even in our poor choices, God brings blessing.

So what about you? What choice has God laid before you recently?

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