Loose Ends

We’re moving this Saturday. We bought a house and are moving out of this 100 year old house, a place which all too often has been drafty, dark and challenging in multiple ways. And so I’m tying up loose ends.

I moved in here with a temporary mentality. It wasn’t until yesterday that I finally crossed the street and met a particular neighbor. I gifted her with a couple of items. I’ve met all my neighbors this week. I know that sounds pathetic and I realize I’ve cloistered myself in the house, barracading myself in with wrong attitudes and prejudice against the questionable neighborhood. Doesn’t that sound godly and Christian-like?

Granted, God closed doors repeatedly for me in this place because of internal things He wanted me to deal with while here. He wanted to bring me freedom in areas of deep bondage; He only asked my obedience and to trust Him, let Him do the work He wanted to.

And so in this difficult place I wrote what He called me to:  a book on the barren women of the Bible and a book about the 37 different jobs I’ve had. Both books were extremely hard for me to write because I felt like a failure in both areas of my life.

I finished up the barren women book in January. This morning I typed in my 37th job. Both will need edited a few times, but the initial writing is complete.  And with the completion this morning, I feel gratitude and release. God is faithful, His steadfast love endures forever. Amen.

I can move forward, no matter what the future holds for me. My God goes before me and He is trustworthy.

What about you, do you have some loose ends that need tied up so you can move forward? What action is God calling you to?

As for me, I’m off to pack more boxes.


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