Act Fast, Think Later

I’m back. I’d like to say I’ve been jetsetting and zipping around the world having amazing adventures, but the truth is life has been spinning me madly about for the last month. Is anyone else there with me?

Routines and schedules all tossed out the window in favor of trying to buy a house south of Seattle in a booming Seattle-ish economy and not nearly enough houses on the market in our price range that don’t need knocked down and re-built and isn’t a short sale. In this last month I have looked at probably close to a dozen homes, put an offer on two and came out the victor on one. Which is fine, one house is all we really need.

I spent a week visiting various favorite locations from the comfort of my couch including the Lakes District of England via the movie Miss Potter, Venezuela via Up and Sherwood Forest via Robin Hood. Wonderland too was in the mix as I gave into the throes of a mid-spring sickness.

On the tail end of my cold–at least I hope it is–I decided it was time to return to the world of blogging. That said, my recent house purchasing excursions has me thinking.

Up here, to buy a house you are required to act fast and think later, which of course goes against every fiber of my being since buying a house is a HUGE thing to do, not to mention a hefty investment.

Today I was wondering about applying this spiritually. Perhaps too often I do just that and end up in a mess,  creating a cyclone of emotional upheaval and sin. Instead, I believe God would have us pray first, act in obedience and praise later.

Obviously life doesn’t always afford us the opportunity to cloister ourselves in and pray in earnest. Many times we have to pray on the fly.

But what if we were so closely walking with God that we could act fast in Christ? How could that transform our lives in specific ways?

1 thought on “Act Fast, Think Later

  1. I’m thinking that being more spontaneous in our actions as Christians would help reduce the constant foot-dragging and make service activities better staffed and more timely. Eventually, we may all get to the point where, if we see a need, we address it immediately.

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