Spiritual Senses

I think I need to get in touch with my spiritual senses. The sad part is I’m not even completely sure what they are.

Last night I was reading Tozer’s Pursuit of God and it was talking about how most of us, Christians included, aren’t even aware of spiritual senses. He talked about them being essential to our spiritual lives.

I awoke this morning thinking about how reliant I am on my physical senses, and on the physical world in general. Why is it so crazy hard to get at the spiritual? My prayer to God today was Beyond the physical.

We can, at times, get to the spiritual through the physical. I’ve experienced this at various places and times usually involving nature, sometimes a sunset, an unusual bird song, or even my dog’s behavior. I’m glad that God gives us access to the spiritual through the physical, but I wonder how much I’m missing out on by overlooking the spiritual by itself.

Earlier today a warm, wild wind was blowing. A hyacinth was knocked over and its stem broken off. I brought it inside and placed it in a glass on my table. It has an incredibly powerful smell.

I’ve been trying to understand my physical senses in the spiritual realm and I can’t help but notice how fragrant the hyacinth is, but also how its fragrance seems to come to me in bursts, not in a continual scent.

I wonder if the spiritual is like that. Maybe if our spiritual senses were fully understood and used we would be overwhelmed by the mystery of the Holy Spirit and unable to function anymore in the physical.

I don’t know, but I would love your input. What do you think is meant by our spiritual senses? What’s an experience you’ve had that awakened your spiritual senses?


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