Rut Chucking

I am a rut runner. I discover the way I like things to be and I meticulously walk the same path over and over and over, until the groove deepens and the mud underneath my feet is comfortable.

But ruts are tricky. They can become slippery slopes or clumpy clusters of things that have become normal in our lives. Take food for instance.

Last week I started a three week funky diet where I am doing away with seven different foods. Once I made it past the cravings, I was surprised by how much I relyed on these not-particularily-super-healthy foods. In small amounts, by themselves, most are healthy. This week I realized how much they’ve been a part of my mealscape (it’s like landscape for food).

Ruts, pure and simple, and lots of them. Once out of these food ruts, I have been challenged to find creative alternatives. There’s been a couple mishaps. A scientific experiment involving kefir grains, coconut milk and fermentation went a bit wrong. Last week a craving nearly did me in.

Overall, I find I am eating healthier and enjoying the creativity of thinking outside my normal mealscape rut.

It makes me wonder about other areas of my life. Where else am I stuck in unhealthy ruts? How can I get out of them?

Perhaps a few rut reality checks are in order. Perhaps I need to do some rut chucking.

This I know:  I am thankful to be out of ruts. Initially it is hard, be it physical habits, emotional patterns, or spiritual practices. But once out I see how vast and varied the world around me is and I am challenged to go out and embrace the new.

What about you, where do you need to do some rut chucking?

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