The Grower

The winter of my discontent is breaking up. It seems I’ve been huddled inside for decades, while outside the cold wind blew and rain rain rain, like only the Pacific Northwest can experience, helped to keep the sky a consistent grey.

And I know there were sunny days scattered amidst the grey, but they weren’t warm sunnies and there weren’t nearly enough of them. It was 51 degrees when I woke up this morning. 59 degrees in my house. Crocuses are up and in bloom. Many days I can hear birds singing again. Anticipation of what’s coming.

And inside my heart God is working the soil, clearing out the old to make way for the new. Cultivation.

It’s not about me and what I think should be planted there, what I believe I should look like–externally through my circumstances. No, it’s about what’s going on in my heart, and I probably will not understand it fully until much later. All I know is that I am eager and ready for Christ to clear out the old, ancient dead attitudes and thoughts in me, things that have suppressed me for much of my life. I am ready for His perspective.

I am ready for His will in a real way, not so much in a “I’m a good Christian and therefore I seek God’s will” kind of way. I genuinely want His will for my life, I’ve mucked it up far too long doing it my own way.

And so today I embrace spring, externally and internally. Clear out the dead, make way for the new pushing its way out of the ground where it’s been waiting for so long.

What about you? Do you sense God wanting to plant something new in you? Are you willing to get out of the way, to expose your heart to the Grower of good things? What’s He whispering to you?


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