Spiritual Disarmament

My car was broken into sometime between yesterday afternoon and today at 4pm. In disbelief I got in my car, wondering why the glove box was open and the center console and all the contents scattered across the seat and floor. The windows and doors were intact.

Panicked, I checked to see if my registration was still there and sighed in relief at spotting it. And then I discovered what had been taken:  a swiss army knife with a very dull blade given to me by my father years ago. Sentimental value–yes and no. I wasn’t crushed by its loss.

After speaking with the police on the phone and making arrangements to file a report online, I got in my car and drove off for my original destination. Sitting at a light I suddenly understood what had happened from God’s perspective.

My husband asked me if I was certain I had shut the door fully and set the alarm. I honestly don’t know, but I usually do, so I assume I did. Even if I didn’t, this situation is ripe with spiritual meaning for me.

I’m spending the next three weeks on a journey of purification, of pressing into God more, of ridding myself of me in order to hear the Lord speak more clearly into my life and let Him heal me of past wounds. This is day one. How very appropriate then that this situation would happen at this time.

I’ve been hearing the words “spiritual battle” a lot lately in various parts of my life. I view the break-in as a sign of satan wanting to disarm me for the battle ahead. And there will be battles to fight.

The thief only took the weapon. The devil has stolen my “defense.” But he’s wrong, for I am armed by God and I stand in Christ–my true defense.

So what about you? How has satan disarmed you, or tried to lately? Dare we try and understand the significance of the armor of God?

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