Greater Expectations

I don’t think I’ve ever read Dickens’ novel Great Expectations. Now before you start questioning my authority on greater expectations or even if I really earned a degree in English Literature or not, this isn’t about Pip.  Nope, this is about my own expectations.

A few weeks ago God whispered to me, “Expect good things.” I was in the midst of a crisis at the time and I needed to hear that. A couple of days ago I was pondering those words again and began questioning my own expectations.

I think most times my expectations can go one of two ways. They either get a plastic, fake feel to them in a “positive thinking” kind of way, forced out because I’m a  “good christian” therefore I should be positive and happy (which by the way is a lie); or they tend to take on a shot of reality where they’re infused with an attitude of “nothing good can come from this.”

Either direction is warped.

As I was contemplating this quadary, God’s Spirit breathed, “Holy Expectations.” Holy Expectations are hard. They require trust in a God whose ways I don’t always understand, and also generally require me to wait. Ugh, not waiting, not again.

I think that’s why I prefer my plastic expectations infused with doses of reality. I am in control of those. But here’s the cool thing:  God’s holy expectations always exceed our human expectations. Always.

So the next time you find yourself contemplating expectations over something good or bad in your life, seek out greater expectations. Ask God what His holy expectations for the situation are. And then trust. And wait. And expect good things.

What is a current expectation of yours? How are you settling for less than holy expectation in your situation?

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