Weedy Reflections

First off let me apologize for my recent inconsistency in posting. As you all are very much aware, sometimes life happens. My life happening has stirred up the soil of my heart. Honestly, I’m not really enjoying what has been stirred up:  weeds, and lots of them.

Several years ago my husband and I bought a house on a couple of acres. It was our first taste of owning acreage and we were in for some definite shocks to our manicured, city mentality. The property was foreclosed on and the previous owner had horses.

Much of the land was barren, that is the land that wasn’t being overrun by blackberries (gotta love the Northwest). Ironically, I planted a few plants in an area that remained barren until we moved last summer. I know, location location location.

One hillside, or rather one part of the hilly acreage, had a patch of thistles. I’m sure the horses kept them in check, but by the time we moved in, they were easily over my head at 5’2″. These were SERIOUS thistles. Serious as in, cloak yourself in armor, at least double gloves, and pull them up. I didn’t even want to go near them for the potential pain they could cause. PRICKLY!

Another weed scattered around the property was milkweed. If you have never had the pleasure of pulling some up, know that they have to be one of the stinkiest weeds ever, and messy too with their milky, smelly liquid oozing from a broken stem. I always hated pulling up milkweed.

A final predominant weed continually battled against was scotch broom. The thing about scotch broom is that I actually think it’s pretty when in bloom, and even in the winter when my eyes are starved for any color other than grey. But scotch broom is deceiving. It propogates via seeds in late summer and spreads like wildfire. Its roots go deep and they are stubborn to pull out.

Real life connection/application:  I need to pull up some weeds in my heart. There are thistles growing, prickly issues I don’t want to tackle for fear of being hurt. Milk weed is abundant; stinky, oozing, messy things to be dealt with. Scotch broom propogates lies and spreads its deceitful beauty.

I can’t tackle these weeds without God. I don’t want to tackle these weedy issues without Christ. And here’s the thing:  God wants to clear away the weeds to make way for a garden of goodness and beauty, right in our hearts.

What are the weeds prevailant in your heart? How does God want you to tackle them? I’ll give you a hint, it’s with Him.

3 thoughts on “Weedy Reflections

    1. Horticulture Class is a great help. Maybe meeting up daily with the Master Gardener too. Also other weed riddled journeyers.

  1. What is sometimes really hard to bear is the fact that we reap what we sow… Sometimes I’ve carelessly, though unintentionally sowed some rotten stuff in my life. Words I wish I could unsay come to mind mostly. How true it is that we should plant intentionally instead of haphazardly.

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