Wanted: Dead or Alive

I’m wanted in four, possibly five, states. No, I haven’t carried out any crime and the states I’m wanted in are not locations per say.

I’m being tracked by the Hunter who wants me dead or alive, preferably dead. The states are:  emotional state, mental state, physical state and spiritual state, and possibly relational state. He had me cornered in the emotional state for a few days, imprisoned in an emotional eddy where I kept going around and around, kicking to swim out but too weak to escape.

For years he’s been coming after me, although at times I could say with confidence that I had no idea I was being pursued by such a venomous, evil being. If he captures me alive then I am quite sure he will try to put me to use for his own vile plans.

But the good news is I have another One who pursues me. He definitely wants me alive. However in order for me to be alive for Him, I must become dead to myself. It is a daily death and some days I comply and some days I do not comply. The latter are the days when the Hunter comes close and I’m sure that if I sniffed the air spiritually I could catch a whiff of his awful scent.

But the True Pursuer of Love protects me. He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. (Psalm 18:34, ESV) He gives me strength, discernment and weapons for battle against the Hunter. I stand on the Rock of my Salvation. I scan the horizon for the enemy of my soul. I prepare to meet him and fight.

So yes, I am wanted. I am wanted for Christ, and He wants me very much alive.

How does the Hunter track you most days?


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