No Laughing Matter

I haven’t outright belly laughed lately. You know, the kind of laughter where your eyes water and you can’t catch your breath and maybe you start choking a bit on spittle, meanwhile hoping you don’t piddle your pants.

And this is no laughing matter that I have no laughing matter. Remember how funny joke books were when we were kids? When did I become a boring a-dult?

True, this has been rather a trying season lately, but deep  down in me I still long to let loose and giggle, chuckle, snicker, guffaw, and or cackle.

When did I allow myself to get so serious? More importantly, how can I find my way back?

Any suggestions beyond youtube or TV shows or movies?

What makes you laugh?

2 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter

  1. Come up wit your own silly vocabulary! Or a goofy word of the day. So at work on Tuesday it was a little stressful in the morning cause if the changes, and then one of the docs said “it’s a fofau”
    I said hey let’s make it out word of the day,so then when something funny or stressful happened , I said “oh it’s just a fofau”

    Yes I am in my 30’s yet at times I make act 12, I feel sometimes in life you have to see the light heartedness of it to make it through. So laugh, find a girlfriend you can be silly with it helps!
    Oh and Jim Gaffigan hot pocket on YouTube, I guarantee you will laugh till you cry. “Hooootttt pocckkkeettt!”

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