Declaration of War

I hope you don’t think less of me, but I like spam. I’m actually not talking about the canned kind, which brings back fond childhood memories for me–yes, I know that sounds wierd–but I’m talking about the spam that every computer user encounters on an ongoing basis.

Why? Before this morning, I would have found it just as annoying as you, and will probably continue to do so. But today God showed me something.

I was checking my comments and going through them to mark which ones were allowed to be shown, etc. I came across one that severely criticized one of my posts.

I am not against a difference of opinions and will gladly post comments that don’t agree with my views. However, this spammer then gave two additional comments to the same post praising it to high heaven! I obviously marked it as spam.

Real life application:  Isn’t that just like the devil to flatter and criticize us with his deceptive spam?

We are inundated with the devil’s spam in our lives. Think of all the lies we believe and accept as truth on a day to day basis!

What if, when those voices of deception crept in, we could thoroughly mark them as spam and chuck them from our life? We do it in our email, so why not in our lives?

Stop accepting spam into your heart and mind. Declare war on the devil’s spam. Put on the full armor of God and stand against the devil’s lies in the name and blood of Christ Jesus!

May God’s power and wisdom and love clearly show you where you are believing lies and accepting the devil’s spam into your life. Let GOD’S TRUTH reign!

I’m going to eat breakfast now. And yes, spam does sound good to me.

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