Raw Moment

Can I be raw here for a moment?

I don’t want to be a girl on a journey right now. I want the journey to be over. I’m not talking about suicide and ending it all, I’m talking about a “Come, Lord Jesus” moment. Wipe it all away.

Wipe all the work, the sorrows–somedays by the bucketfulls, and the misery of this life away. No more 12′ breaker days.

Huddled in the midst of these trials there must be good things, things invisible to the eye and only seen through the Presence of God. So, come Lord Jesus, so I can see, because right now my vision is unreliable and my heart is wounded within me.

I feel like David, immensely longing for and waiting on God to act. The troop morale is low and the captain is tired of the ongoing pursuit of his enemy.

Come Lord Jesus, meetĀ us here in the midst of this pain and changeĀ us by Your transforming power which works miracles. Come Lord Jesus, help us to see Your holiness amidst the dark cloud, just like Moses. Come Lord Jesus and see us through these times of ongoing suffering.

To You be the glory, forever and ever. Amen

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