Geological Thoughts

When I was a child my best friend and I spent hours going through a pile of rocks set aside for pothole control in her extra long driveway.

There was just something so interesting about all the different shapes, colors, designs, and types of rocks. We each started our own collections and even to this day I still find myself collecting rocks and compiling little piles of them on my desk by the computer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about rocks differently.  I hit rock bottom recently in an area of my life, with no farther to plummet. I’ve been trying to delve meaning from the place of my bedrock, wondering what is there for me these days.

I watched a show over the weekend on gold mining in Alaska and they were digging down to the bedrock. That, supposedly, was where they would find gold. The mining equipment sometimes jammed and broke in their efforts to clear away the sediment and get down to the bedrock where the gold would mask itself.

I have so much sediment covering my bedrock. I must excavate down to it and then search for the nuggets or even specks of gold hidden among the bedrock of my life. And the sediment builds up again and again, brought on by the onslaught of the rains of life.

I am between a rock and a hard place. The hard place is the current situation I must face, and its not a pleasant one by any means. The rock, I have come to understand, is Christ. He is the One I must look to. He is the Rock of my salvation. A favorite hymn puts it this way:  On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.

Are you currently between a rock and a hard place? Is your bedrock visible or must the sediment be cleared off again, so that you can get to the gold? Are you standing on The Rock or sinking in the sand? If sand standing, what can you do to get to The Rock?

I wish you the best on your own geological discoveries. Rock on.



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